Traveling with your partner!

IMG_8309.JPGI think if you are able to travel with your partner and not fight, it just shows that you guys are a good match. Traveling should be fun, carefree and peaceful and if you are traveling with someone who bickers alot, it just spoils the fun and you really don’t need that energy when you’re traveling. I’m just so very lucky to have my husband who is the best travel partner for me, we never fight, we always compromise and we just have tons of fun together! He is my bestfriend and my partner in crime.

IMG_8311.JPGOur first trip together was to Hawaii three years ago with his dad, it was unforgettable, we had so much fun that we go back to Maui and Honolulu every year together. Thats how you know you are with someone who is meant for you, when things just seem so easy with each other and you two just work! I wish to make enough money one day where we could travel round the world and explore new places together, traveling is bloody expensive.

Sometimes us girls we tend to fantasize and expect things from our partner that we forget to live in the moment. Forget about these fantasies and be there with your partner and just enjoy each others company. Thats how we should be in life and when we are traveling, stop comparing other people’s life and experiences and just live yours. You are the maker of your happiness, not them.

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