Pink Gucci Bag

Hi There!


My new obsession lately is Gucci! I’m so in love with their new collection, they are seriously killing it this season! Every time I go into Gucci on Rodeo Drive its always packed! All the other stores like Prada and YSL are like 20% filled. That goes to show that Gucci is just slaying the game of luxury handbags.


I personally love the GG Marmont collection, I just feel like its so simple and chic and I hope that that design will never lose its appeal becuase I bought a few of them! Like I feel like the Gucci Disco Bags were SO hot when they came out but like after a while it completely lost its appeal. So I’m hopping this particular GG Marmont design won’t go out of style 🙂 I prefer the smaller GG than the big ones because I feel like the big ones are a little too obnoxious and loud for me. MIKECANVAS_4975

In this look, I’m wearing a cold shoulder shirtdress from Modlook 29!

MIKECANVAS_4958I’m really into this preppy look at the mo! It’s just so simple to wear and effortlessly chic! I’m pairing it with this Gucci pink bag, I just fell in complete love for this pink! Its such a cute pop of color, and it adds a little fun and playfulness to an outfit!


MIKECANVAS_4971Hope you guys enjoyed this look!






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