Little White Dress

MIKECANVAS_4951Been a long time since I’ve last blogged. Will start blogging regularly now! THIS IS TRIXIAVE 2.0!  Life has just been a little too hectic and crazy the past year and this year I do want to make an effort with what I love doing which is blogging and sharing my fav fashion looks!

SO just a little update on my life! I got married last December to the man of my dreams! I never thought I could find someone who gets me and treats me like a princess, not once did we ever fought! I love him to death! With that I also accomplished another dream of mine which is getting a green card to be able to live the American Dream! I’ve been busting my ass on my business for the past 4 years just so that I could continue living in the US and continuing seeing my husband, then boyfriend. Like who would marry you just after 2 months of knowing you? Relationships take time and effort!  Without the business I would have never have developed a relationship with him and I would have gone back to Singapore for good. Life would have been so different! I opened my business when I was just 23 years old and I think I’ve come a long way.  Quite frankly I’ve been feeling really exhausted and might want to venture into something new. Still going back and forth about it, wish that someone could just tell me what to do. Oh well, enough of my personal issue, lets move on to fashion!

It is finally heating up in LA, and the weather has been a little crazy this year, earthquake weather! I just love the heat and don’t function well in the cold! My fashion obsession this few days have been white, white tops, white dresses, white jeans, white everything! Its just classic and timeless!

So I really love this white wrap dress from Modlook 29! Its just so comfy and easy to wear! I’ve been wearing this to work a lot! Its just so simple and chic, perfect for a first date or brunch with the girls!





Really hope you guys have a lovely week!



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