I’m Engaged!!!

Hi fellow readers,

I have exciting news! I’m engaged to my handsome fiance 🙂 We’ve been together for almost 2 and a half years and I’m so very lucky to finally really call him mine! I’m so lucky to have met him, just when I thought that there were no more good guys on this earth. Have faith ladies! He came when I least expected it. And here we are engaged and set to marry next August!

I will hopefully be a little more consistent with blogging and document my wedding planning experience. So a little detail on how he proposed. It was really simple but special. He took me to Lake Forest to meet his grandma for the first time and I absolutely adore that woman. We stayed with her for a few nights and on our last day, he popped the question when we were hanging out by her pool. It wasn’t like a Bachelor proposal moment, he did it with a “Hey Missy, will you marry me?” Thats us, we are just strait-forward and to the point, no wishy washy drama haha. I always felt like I was married to him ever since we moved in together earlier this year, it just feels so natural and he just feels like home to me. Like wherever we are together, I feel like I’m home. So yeah, we plan to have the wedding the same spot where he proposed, his grandma’s house. I just think its perfect, it also makes her so happy to plan such an exciting event!

Gonna start wedding dress shopping!

Stay tuned for more updates!




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