Oh Hello again!

WOW its been a long long time since i last blogged! To make up for it, imma gonna write a VERY Long post… I’m sure most of you are wondering what i have been up to these past few months! Lately I’ve been reeeally busy workin at a local boutique and trying my hardest to get up and go to school and also to enjoy myself during the last few months I have left in OZ 😦 I’m really crossin my fingers that my buying and retail job goes well and I can continue to work in Oz till next March! XD

The music scene in OZ is just so very AWESOME! There are like a gazzilion great bands out there. And where I’m at,the music scene and night life just revolves round the valley,  and after every gig, they’ll be DJ sets playin indie music that i love and not grinding-pit-bullish music that you see peopledry humping to in dirty clubs. Yuck! I don’t like that side of clubbing… Eew!   Every week there’s a new band to check out and I’ve been taking loads of pics of the bands I’ve seen and will be posting them up real soon and also i’ll introduce to you guys the g8 bands in OZ! Like one of my fav bands at the moment is The Grates!

Hype new look:

And Owl Eyes

name inspired look:

I’m sorry to those Trixiave.com’s followers for the delay of  the new collection and the limited number of pieces. I wanted to open the store in August but something really bad happened in my family and it devastated me and I just didn’t feel like doing anything during that period. I was really looking forward to going to LA and Vegas with my rents and friend in July, but we had to cancel our trip as we found out that my mum has breast cancer two weeks before we had to leave. So that’s a double whammy blow for us.  It was really hard as my dad had cancer 5 years ago (thank God he’s fine right now) and hearing the news that now my mum has breast cancer was plain scary. The thought of losing either one of them immediately set the tears running. It was a really tough few months for me and my family, we didn’t know if my mum could go for her operation as she had high blood pressure and heart problems and every day there’s a new problem to overcome. But eventually, after a month she did manage to go for the surgery and now she is currently doing her radiotherapy and recovering well. THANK GOD! I felt like it was just a HUGE wake up call for me to do something about my life and change bad habits. Everyday I prayed to God and i got answers from  reading the bible and it really made me stronger as I slowly see reasons behind why it happened and realized what God wants me to do.One of my fav sayings is “Everything happens for a reason” and sometimes it won’t hurt so bad when you see that reason.

For all of you out there who have women in your lives that you truly love like your mum, grandma, auntie , sister , cousin, wife,friend..etc who is above the age of 40, I strongly advise you to get them to go for a yearly mammogram. Both my parents got lucky because they detect their cancer tumors early and took them out asap. I’m srsly eternally grateful to my aunties who flew down from wherever they were to come and give my mum and my family support and love. They taught me that during hard times, we got to show faith, hope and love to each other and also to ourselves.

So i slowly saw the light at the end of the tunnel and things are starting to look up for me. As I was really sad that i couldn’t go to LA in july, I was hoping that there will be some chance this year that i could go to LA to settle my school for next year. Then I got the news that one of my current modules got a study tour to LA and  there is another one to NY too. I literally jumped up and down all over my house like a mad bull when i heard the news haha and all i could say was ‘Thank you God’ So I’m really looking forward to Nov, it’ll be one of  my beloved cousin’s wedding and a whole month in the US XD!

Thank you God ❤

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