Its Time for Fall!!!

When everyone else in the world is experiencing Spring, Australians will be going back two seasons and we’ll be experiencing Fall.  I gotta say, Spring and Fall are 2 of my favourite seasons in the fashion world. I just simply love the colours of the fall season and easy pairing of outfits with shorts in Spring! haha  This blog entry is part of my assessment for school and I’ll be exploring 3 different trends in the A/W 2010 Fall fashion, all of which i have sourced from, WGSN and some street blogs. I’ve linked pictures from so you could magnify the pictures and see the details more clearly 🙂

Okay the first trend is Leather!!! I just CANNOT get enough of leather- leather shorts, leather jackets, leather dresses and leather shoes. Leather just screams out total rock and roll. This trend has appeared in almost every fall and winter season, its a classic must have. Ever since rock and roll became popular in the 1960s, the black leather jacket followed suit and became the “must have”  item  for every rock and roller. For this season, black is not the only leather colour thats in, it seems like shades of brown and camel are also great colours on leather. And simple and sophisticated leather dresses can easily be worn for fall as well as winter fashion, just add stockings or tights to the outfit for a winter look.

An example of how to wear coloured leather:

In Lanvin A/W 2010 Collection:

He shows us how to dress up in luxurious leather and look like a million bucks.,8850/Page,2#/imageno/26

The picture linked below was taken from Facehunter, on the streets of London. I just love her outfit. She’s matching 2 very hot trends of fall which is leather and knitted sweaters.

Hype new Look on Lookbook! Me wearing leather shorts! I cannot count the number of times I’ve worn this vintage leather shorts, it matches with almost everything!

Click on pic!

The next trend is the colour grey. Although the grey palette might be a little dull for some, I see it as a somewhat edgy colour. Some may associate  the colour grey with boring corporate wear but I feel  the simplicity of the colour is very modish and you can just about match it with anything to create both casual and formal looks. This trend is also another classic colour pallete that has appeared in past fall and winter seasons.

Alexander Wang A/W 2010

I simply adore this AW’s AW outfit . Its perfectly layered and the blazer totally gives an edgy mod look.,8942#/imageno/6

Zac Posen A/W 2010

This Zac Posen dress is just so gorg! Love the detailing of the dress and it’s sexy without revealing too much.,8698/Page,2#/imageno/18

Special Giveaway at!!!

Dark Grey Sweater with Leather Sleeves (2 hot fall trends in one) is up for grabs at’s facebook page!

Click here for more details:

The next fall trend is the colour camel! This trend of classic camel tones has been around since my mother’s fashionable times and it has been constant throughout the whole fall season.  I like stuff that you can wear for 30 years and still look fashionable. So I’ve picked out these few fall trends because the likelihood of them becoming out of fashion is very slim, as its been in the fashion world for ages. The colour camel is great on outerwear as it gives a modernistic look to anyone wearing it.

This photo ( ) was taken from StockholmStreetStyle’s blog of the Tiger of Sweden A/W 2010 collection. Its a complete combination of the camel and leather trend which gives a total chic and mod look to the wearer.

Alexander Wang A/W 2010 RTW collection

This is another combination of the camel and grey trend as seen in Alexander Wang’s collection and it shows how the simplicity of the camel and grey can mesh well together to create a futuristic-classic look.,8942#/imageno/9

Found this look on chictopia:

I simply love the whole combination, its classic, chic and sylish!! I want everything she’s wearing!

Its kinda weird seeing my old looks on lookbook haha, its like wow… thats how i looked like a few months back haha. Last October when it was fall for everyone else, I posted a look wearing a camel blazer and brown leather shorts!

click on pic to go to page!

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