My picks for spring!

I realised I’ve been blogging a hell lot on Music and a lil in fashion so I’m gonna make it a thing to alternate them haha. Went to another gig last fri and boy oh boy I can’t BELIEVE i missed out on sooooo much good music the last 6 months i was here in OZ last year. Went back to SG in November and came back only in Feb this year. Realised that the music scene here is gazillion fckin times better than in SG. Will post up pics in my next post.

Ok back to spring!Even tho Oz is like 2 seasons behind and we’re in the autumn Season right now, my fav season of all is spring, its sunny and cool at the same time, don’t have to think too much bout layering clothes, you can just walk out  the door with a good tank, cardi and shorts…. easy! But I love it when seasons change… WHY?  Cuz its time to go out shopping for new clothes! haha I’ma gonna list out a few good looks on the runway that inspire me….

The Rock Child Look

my all time fav label, Chanel! Love it that they are puttin a lil rock edge to their classic clothes. Smoky eyes, leather and chain necklaces.

Alexander McQueen

ADORE!!You can wear black FALL/SPRING/WINTER, thats why its always good to invest in a few good black pieces that you can play arnd with through the seasons.

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad.. I’ll buy all the Balmian to wear. Balmian’s spring collection is TDFFFFF!!! I’d kill for all pieces in it!

Abbey Lee I ❤ you and your leather pants!

All pictures above are taken from!

I hate OZ for not bringin in Topshop and H&M 😥



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