Can’t Stop Listening to…

The Fucking Strokessssss!!!!

The whole album is soooo fcking good! Some artist have like a few good tracks in their album, its like extremely rare to actually like all the tracks in an album. i remember buying my first ever album, Blink 182’s first album haha. And shit! I only liked 2 tracks in there, $ wasted! haha. The Strokes new album ,Angels is so goood, all the tracks are awesome, listen  Here.

I also LALOVEE all the tracks in Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘ album: It’s Blitz and She & Him’s album: Volume 1. After like 2-3 years of listening to them, I’m still not sick of it! DAMMMNNN I WANNA GO COACHELLLLAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FML!

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