Helloooo <3lies!

I’m so very sorry for the total lack of blog entries! I probably have already lost a few blog followers :/ wahhh*cries like snooki. Anyway the reason for my lack of blogging is cuz I’ve been travelin round Asia the past few months and also for the past week, I’ve been crazyyyy movin house and shit. Movin is a total fckin bitch! I hope to not do it anytime soon! Hopefully the next time I do it would be next year when I move from OZ to LA! XD to the max!

I thank God for everything he has blessed me with, especially the time well spent with the fam and friends back home.  I’m so grateful for all the trips i had these past few months. I had the bestest time in Japan and Hong Kong! Shopping heavens! Had a total blast with my friends Cass, Naomi  and Amina in Japan…MAN! i wanna go back there in the summer! It was kinda sad that i didn’t bring my camera to my china and HK trips, had an awesome time shopping with my cousin in HK, and guess WHAT! they have an Agnes B cafe in HK! They had pretty cakes and chocolates ,all with the Agnes B logo on it! Wahhhhhhhh didn’t had my cam wit me!DAMN!

A few pics from my Japan trip:

Visited a rad cam shop, I want all the cams in there!

If i ever do have kids, I’ll buy all their clothes in Japan…

Speakin of Kids, one of the most memorable moments of the trip was playing with some Japanese kids in a park! They were sooooo KAWAIII!!!!

This lil boy was my fav one, he is sooooo cute!!!!

Drank A HELL lot of alcohol during the trip, it was 0 degrees, gotta keep myself warm with lotsa beer…

its alll in one place!

Credit to cass!

Clubbin in Tokyo is really fun the people there are just so awesome! Love this pic of amina! I took it! Damn I want a diana cam!

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