Girl Crush of the moment…. Katy Perry!

I ❤ this newly wed for her spunky attitude, very ‘out there’ fashion sense and her music!  Her songs have been covered by so many people on youtube, its crazy. I personally prefer her songs to Lady Gaga’s  songs, it’s less irritating and a lil bit more catchier. She recently came out with a new fragrance called Purr, how cute! Haven’t tried it yet tho, can’t wait to try it, the bottle itself is so cute!

Found a really cute vid of her backstage the x factor show…

Love both their sequin dresses!

I’m so diggin this retro inspired poster for VH1 Divas

Even Victoria Secret Models ❤ her…boys and girls feast your eyes on this! I’m insanely addicted to this vid:

you can watch a preview of  the VS NY2010 show here ( let the drooling begin!):

I LOVE katy Perry’s purple firework dress! The colourr is gorrggg!!!

I wanna know who in world designs Katy Perry’s dresses, its soooo quirkily clever! Its like the same latex dress but in different designs and colours! Mostly Candy themed haha!

Ice Cream

Gum Ball Machine


She got dissed a lil for this dress, but i think its pretty clever and cute, I wouldn’t wear it but she’s KATY PERRY, she can wear anythin she wants and still look hot!

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