My Fav TV stars Part 1 :D!

I’m a huge TV junkie! I love comedy sitcoms! I think the best job in the world is to be a regular in a comedy sitcom, its like being paid to have fun! And if the show is good, you’ll have a steady job for 4-10 years. And if the show is REALLY good, you’ll get money from re-runs and DVD sales! Damn!

I feel that there is one or two characters in the show that really makes the show awesome like….

I just cannot get enough of Sheldon cooper! He truly makes the show very entertaining.So happy that he won this year’s Emmy! Like Finally! This scene is one of my fav Sheldon Scene

Modern Family is another one of my fav shows! I lalove Cameron and Gloria. OMG Sophia Vergara is just smokin hot! Did you know that she once dated Tom Cruise and Enrique Iglesias! Like wOW! I wanna be  a Gloria,she’s got a cute son, Gorg CLOTHES, amazing house, not sure bout the old husband part tho haha.  I kinda like Phil and Claire too, they are  a really cute couple.

Speaking of cute couples, my favourite FRIENDS are Chandler and Monica! I’m shocked that Courtney Cox is the only one that was not nominated for an Emmy for Friends… Like hwattt? c’mon she’s sucha good comedic actress, like outta the 10 years she’s been on Friends, they couldn’t at least nominate her one time? But I gotta say ..I’m kinda bummed that her Cougar Town’s not really that funny.

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