Lanvin <3 H&M

This season you see potheads standing in line waiting to catch The Harry Potter movie and you’ve also got fashionistas standing in line for the Lanvin and H&M callabo. I love H&M for its affordable price and high quality pieces. It’s so awesome they are collaborating with high-end labels to make it more affordable. Ebay sellers are already getting into the action. This is my H&M I want list:





And this is my I want (but can’t afford) list:


This is my fav of the lot! The colour, fabric and structure is just so gorg! So body Flattering! Love LOVE LOVE! This is a versatile dress that can be worn to many kinds of occasions: Parties, Weddings, Dinners….. DAMN I want this dress!

This one on the other hand, probably can only be worn to a REALLY posh event or maybe a wedding, its such a princessy and romantic kinda dress. When I look at it, I think of someone kissing and falling in love in Paris or Rome wearing this dress. ahhhhh…

Talking bout romantic, I just tried Lanvin’s new perfume Marry Me!…. its realllyyy ahhhhhhhhmazing…… The Sweetest thing ever! If I were a guy, I’ll propose to my girl with this perfume and place the ring round the bottle cap. How RO-fking-MANTIC! ! Trust me your girl will definitely say YES, haha I’m making the perfume sound like some sorta love potion.

Talking about potion, I don’t know why I’m so not getting the hype of Harry Potter right now, the only thing that interest me about HP right now is Emma Watson’s hair!

I’m sorry I DO NOT like it, I totally agree with Joan Rivers haha that she totally looks like a lesbian with that haircut. Why emma WHY?! She should have gone for the Pixie- (Keira/Rihanna) haircut instead of the butch one! But DAMN! Her bro is fking hot!

I think people with good bone structure can pull off the shorter pixie cut

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