Holiday’s over 😥 Had a total blast at SG and Sydney! Mega broke right now. SOOOO happy I got to see my loved ones back home.Wish i had more days in SG :(. Cannot BELIEVE my rents are going HK AGAIN! I wannnnaa go! Seriously studying in Aussie sucks sometimes…. Aus is like wayyy down under and tickets to anywhere are EXPENSIVE… even domestically!

Sydney was awesomeee. I’m sooo thankful for my cousin’s friend Maxine for letting us stay at her place 😀 Kinda miss the big, spacious and clean apartment, now i’m back to my small and messy room :/ Spent 3 hrs cleaning up my room. It was soooo dusty when i got back!

Okay now to the EGGGXITING PART!

This trip i’ve managed to get manyyyyyyy awesoooommmme new and vintage stuff. new stuff will be added to on thursday!!! So look out for it!

Mini Sneak preview:

Lipstick/Hats/Bags Printed Blouse

Peacock Feathers Maxi

Zebra and heart printed jacket

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