Wow it feels so good to be home!! I’m sure this trip back to SG is gonna make me gain lotsa weight! I’m starting to think 5 days is not enough!!! Must spend as much time as i can with the fam and with my friends!

I’ve also been busy getting new stuff for TRIXIAVE.com as well as rummaging my closet for pre-loved stuff! On top of that… I gotta do assignments! F&^*&%! Gotta fin them up b4 i leave for Sydney! Can’t wait to go to Sydney with my coussy!It’ll be my 1st time visiting Syd! Heard alot of great things bout the place!

The rents are thinkin of goin to japan in Nov!OMG JAPAN=AWESOME SHOPPPPINNGGG!!!! And maybe before that I’ll be heading to Korea! KOREA= AWSOOOMMEEEE FOOD & SHOPPPPIIINNG!!!

Gosh i really gotta save up!

TRIXIAVE.com update:

What you can expect to see in the new collection:

1. Quirky Printed Blouses

2. Blazers

3. Maxi dresses

Can’t wait to launch it in 2 weeks time XD!

For updates fill up form HERE

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