I’m a big fan of MELISSA SHOES right now! They are not only stylish but very comfortable as well and the BEST thing is they smelllll soooooooo Gooood! They make my room smell nice haha, i don’t have ta buy air freshener anymore haha.

I totally lucked out a few years back when I bought a pair of Melissa’s for only $50 now they are like goin for 3 times the price. I recently bought a pair of Vivenne Westwood edition Melissa shoes (sooo awesome I got it on sale XD ):

I’m madly in ❤ with it.

These are a few other designs from the VW collabo with Melissa:

I’m really diggin the Peach colour right now


They even have it for kids! I want a kid right now so i can dress her up with these! haha HOW KACUTE!! It totally beats the ugly Crocs!



This is a Jean Paul Gaultier designed Melissa

OHHHH CHANEL and MIU MIU pls  design a plastic shoe for Melissa!

I will definitely save up for thatt!!! XD

2 thoughts on “MELISSA SHOES!!!

  1. Mmm, interesting collection.
    I definitely like all the black pairs posted.. but the other pairs kind of remind me of crocs except with a heel and a little more detailed.
    They are cute, but I don’t think I could actually wear them, plastic isn’t my thing I guess. At least they’d be waterproof!

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