Move aside blondies, the spotlight is now on these 2 dark-hair hotties! Just caught the movie ‘Going the Distance’ staring Justin Long & Drew Berrymore and I MUST SAY alll you peps out there BOYS & GIRLS should go watch it. Trust me guys.. its not a total chick flick like Sex in the City that speaks about menopause half of the time, in this movie the dirty jokes beats all American Pie and Harold & Kumar jokes( i might be exagerating here)! haha But I literally LOLed at all the jokes! and for girls Justin Long is the New Zac Efron haha, yeah he’s not as cute as Zac but his charms and wit totally make up for it. Oooh and his BOD is hhhawwat too haha you’ll see lotsa it in the movie….The tanning scene is just the funniest.

He always plays the sweet nerdy guy in movies, its hard not to love him! He is sooo cute with Drew Berrymore.

The guy on the left with the cap , is SUPER funny in the movie.

his style is not bad too. geek chic

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is another dark hair cutieeee! I’m sure many girls totally agree with me on this one. I did mention him earlier when i made the Inception post. I gotta be honest with you, i didn’t really enjoy 500 days of summer that much, even tho my fav actress Zooey D’s in it. Maybe cuz Joesph was too much of a wuss and didn’t get the girl in the end but in INCEPTION he was far from a wuss, he was Mr Sleek and Cool <3. Gosh look at the major upgrade!

THIS GUY realllllly do have style

For those who are great with film, writing, photography, art, whatever… check out his site! Its some interesting stuff right here!

And this dude can sing too! Whoa u can here all the girls wooohooings…

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