Christopher Nolan is a freakin Genius!

Just caught Inception with my roommate and i gotta say, the writer, Christopher Nolan must have a fkin beautiful mind! Wow! Who could think bout such a completely mind-blowing thing. I’m not gonna spoil it for those who haven’t watch the show yet but i’m gonna say, it’s gonna be 10X better than Shutter Island and you’ll also gonna have to concentrate and think 10X harder . Leonardo DiCaprio better win an Oscar for this, he is one hell of a mind-fking actor. Seriously with hit movies like the classic ..Titanic, another classic.. The Man with the iron mask (my fav!), the Departed, the Beach and now this! Move over Brad Pitt, Leo is like the real king of Hollywood!

AND Joseph Gordon-Levitt is SOOOOO HAWT in the show! my crush level for him went up from  60% to 150%! Will do a boy crush post on him soon 🙂 Goodness.. he is so sleek and cool in the movie AND he has a very uncanny resemblance to the late Health Ledger. Its so cool that they actually did work with each other in the movie “10 Things i Hate about you” LOVE that show!!!

Major hotness!

Saw some interesting trailers for some movies too. The damn cinema played 20 mins worth of ads and trailers b4 the movie started! SO pissy offf!

I’m SO looking forward to this one..

Wow major cutie Michael Cera is gonna battle Superman and the Human Torch!?!


I’ve always been a big fan of comedy shows be it ROM-COM or Action-Com as long as its funny!

Wowoweee! all the big stars in these movies u’ve got…. Marky mark,Will Ferrell, the Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in The Other Guys.

and u’ve got Paul Rudd and Steve Carrell (great comedic pairing!) plus a cameo by’The Hangover’ funny guy Zach Galifianakis and the funny Little Britain guy in Dinner for Schmucks !

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