Zodiac Fashion Part 3: Cancer and Leo

Its been a while since i did an astrology post…

These are a few of my fav Cancer Girls:

Natasha Poly

I just Lalalalove this Gucci Ad.. So edgy!

Lindsay Lohan

Despite all the bad press bout her, i still think she’s beautiful and she’s got great style (well used to, her style’s been pretty trashy lately)

AND she can pull of soo many hair colours- red, blond, black and brunette!! Wow!

Liv Tyler

She is the epitome of GORGEOUS!

i love this pic, its so cute! Orlando Bloom looks a lil like Christiano Ronaldo here haha

My fav leo Girls:

Madonna – The Queen of evolution!

Taylor Momsen

I want her legs!

I think she’s like a young Madonna.

Kate Bekinsale

I just LOVE her style! So effortlessly ChiC!

with a fellow Leo, J.LO

this dress is to TDF!

from whowhatwear

check out Zodiac Part 1 and 2 here


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