Smell good, feel good!

Most of us have our very own ‘Happy Scent” , something that lifts us up when we’re  having a bad day, or calms us down when we’re  feeling stressed out.

Perfumes are not only becoming an object of luxury or a form of cosmetics, its becoming something like aroma therapy.

You see the trend now of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney and Paris all creating their very own scent, hoping that their fans would want to smell like them.

I’m gonna list out a few of my fav scents….

Known for its very pretty designs and sweet scents, Anna Sui’s perfumes have become listed into many girls’ wish-list.

My fav of them all is the Anna Sui’s Sui Dream

Its a pretty old perfume and the packaging is not V great but the smellllll….. is SO good!

I don’t currently own one right now….. SAVINGG for this!

I’ve got the Night of Fancy one

the packaging is so nice!

Don’t you just love Anna Sui’s ads

there’s something just so magical and mystical about them!

I ❤ my Vera wang Perfume, I only use it on special occasions, cuz its just so precious 🙂

Ok next up is Victoria Secret’s Wish Pink!

I’ve always <3ed scents with vanilla in them!

❤ the cute lil peace sign at the side!

I’ve got to say, the scent doesn’t really stay very long, it wears off quite easily.

other awesoommme vanilla scents

and if you’re often broke like me, u don’t have to splurge on expensive perfumes, cuz Bath and Body Works’ Body Splashes stay on for quite a long time AND you can spray all u want without feeling guilty about it!

I”M sooooooooooooooooooooo loving the

Berry vanilla Fragrance Mist

and the

Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Mist

Some celebrity perfumes that are TDF!

the new SJP perfume is sooooooo sweet, i cannot stop sniffing it!

Gotta save up for that too! Its not v wallet-friendly 😦

Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku range

How KACUTTE is that !?!

I particularly love the LOVE one, its so sweeet!

I’m so happy i found a kate moss 100ml perfume for $30 last week at a sale 🙂

Someone told me it smells like the Stella McCartney one, I’m not that BIG on the musky scent but WTH $30 for 100ml!hahas

I am so in ❤ with the packaging so vintage!

For guys, I want my man to smell like these boys..

❤ the scent!

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