I <3 Geeks!

I<3 geeks, shy guys and guys who don’t know that they’re hot ….or know that they’re hot but is humble about it haha

It’s a MAJOR turn off for me when a guy knows he’s hot and is V arrogant about it. This shows that he thinks he can get any girl he wants. A particular douchebag is The Situation. he’s so full of himself. (tsk!)

Ever since i saw the show The OC, ZOMG in ❤ with Seth Cohen and Adam Brody! He becomes the description of my kinda guy! I’m also a bigggg fan of The Big Bang Theory and Leonard is sooo sweet and Sheldon is sooo cute! Geeks rule!

I rmb coming across a particular book- I love geeks: The official handbook

and it listed 6 different kinds of geeks ( i think, can’t really rmb… sooo this is what i got)

1. Movie Geek

Those who love films like star wars, star trek and stuff like that and go out role-playing these films haha.

2. Gamer Geek

those who spend most of their time gaming

3.Comic Geek

those who visit comic con every year and collects comic books.

4. School/Science Geek


5. Sports Geek

those who spend most of their time focusing on the sport they love

6.  Indie Music Geek ❤

the most sensitive and cutest of the bunch!



Ultimate Guy Crush!

yup he’s actually in a band- BIG JAPAN!

(sorry gonna adam-spam this! There’s just TOO many!)

with his current gf

Ben Gibbard- Death Cab for Cutie’s frontman

and Zooey’s beau!

Alex turner- Artic Monkey’s frontman

and Alexa Chung’s BF!

❤ them!

2 thoughts on “I <3 Geeks!

  1. Just needed to say that I love every single one of your outfits. And this post – LOVE it!! I have the same obsession with geeks. Love Justin Bartha as Riley in National Treasure and I love Seth Cohen and so many others.

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