What i Wore today!

Forgive my nails haha

Floral Cardi= Ally

I ❤ my forever 21 rings

Personal Update

Today was a V sunny day and a good day as well 🙂  Got to know my ‘roomies’ a lil bit more , 1 during lunch and the other during dinner.  The first one was a korean girl, awesooooomee girl! She told me i can learn korean from her and she’ll cook Bulgogi next week for us to eat NICEEEE!  And she got korean shows too! NICCEE! The other one was a Norwegian girl, she’s super nice to talk to and i got to learn how to make tortilla from her 🙂 OH god! i gottta learn how to cook… so i’m making a list of what to cook:

1. Pasta


3. Mac and cheese

4. Beef stew

5. Fish and chicken

6. Pancakes!

7.French toast ( ah i miss me mummy’s french toast)

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