Bye Singapore :( Helllooo Aussie :)

Wow its fking surreealllll just 2 more days and i’m outta here DAmnnnnnn. Wow i’m sure gonna miss lotsa people and things in SG! Gosh i really hope my move to aussie will turn out fine. Time to face loneliness, culture shock, home- sickness, studying (haven’t been doing that for a while now haha) and not-so-good food. Hope and pray this period of time will pass by quickly and i could adjust to aussie-living fast. Still not fully packed yet, urghhh i hate packing! Seriously someone shd invent some auto-packer robot, I’m so scared i’m gonna miss out packing some things. Wish i could pack my family, friends, fav food and everything i ❤ into my bags and bring ’em with me 😦 Seriously its a bittersweet feelin…

this song is sooo gonna be in my head when i’m at the airport ( haha i’m so cheesy)…

found a breakfast at tiff vid, AH is timeless beauty!

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