Back to the Classics

My fashion motto now is to Stick to the classics! You can never go wrong with classic pieces.

Staple pieces are definitely the white blouse,  a black blazer and  a well-fitted high wasited pants/shorts/skirt. Oh ya one more…. RED lipstick! Simple chic elegance.

I’m soo loving the blouse & high-waisted pants look right now!

I want this closet!!! Lovin the pastel colours- Peach, Pink and Cream

Ahhh the dresses are soooo romantic

I’m sorry for the Audrey overdose, I’m just too obsess with her.

Found a really awesome vid of her


I want her blouse

& her face

Seriously if i ever do get plastic surgery , i’ll just show the doc this pic and say “just gimme this face”.

a shot from some movie in 1959

Bought a few vintage blouses in Japan and US, and this polka dot blouse is my fav. The design’s really unique, its got like 3 layers of frills ❤

Same here 😉

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