US Trip Part 2: I <3 LA!!!

Took the hop on hop off tour bus, and these are a few snapshots

Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills… That’s where I want to be!
Living in Beverly Hills…

what a funky lookin restaurant

great marketing strategy -be V flashy haha

❤ the street art in melrose

the hollywood sign

Peoples revolution from the Hills

was spotted by Work It, Berk outside Beverly center while waiting for the hop on hop off bus haha


we also caught a live taping of the Jay leno show, it was wicked awesooommeee! we were in the 2nd row! 🙂 Eddie Murphy was the guest, he and jay leno were reallyyy funny! i didn’t take any pics tho, the security were really strict there.

On our last day we caught Robin Hood at the Grove! Lovelyyy place! Forgot to bring my cam URGGH!! We also had awesome cheesecake at the cheesecake factory !  Then we had dinner at the Singapore Banana Leaf restaurant, it had yummmyy curry and Satay.

Wanna thank my <3ly rents for this awesome holiday, will totallyyyy miss them when i leave for Australia in July 😦 🙂 Bittersweet feelin. AND HOPEFULLY I’ll get to live in LA one day, I am totally in ❤ with that place!

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