US trip Part 1


My Cousin Ben and his wife sam’s Hse

❤ their home


their cuttteee bulldogs


this is Sam with Eggo, kawaii 🙂

& this is Ruggles

this whole trip has really turned me into a dog lover! I WANT ONE NOW!

playin Rockband with my other cousin Will and his wife Janet and friend Mat

We had 2 realllly awesome dinners at Will’s hse (1 night was bbq and the other was crayfish and crab!!) but i totallllyyy forgot to bring my cam!!! wasted! Will and Janet had 2 reallly cute dogs and a beautiful house too. 😦 took really lil pics in Houston

Some shots from vegas , didn’t take a lot in vegas too haha. I was terribly sick in Vegas and i paid about $120 to see a doc there 😦

the new citycentre

Did most of my shopping here, ❤ H&M and Urban Outfitters

we caught a few shows in Vegas, Chris Angel’s show was pretty good, Phantom of the Opera was awesome and we also caught another cirque du soleil show called Mystere. I haven’t caught the elvis and Beatles one yet but i strongly recommend you see the cirque du soleil’s O at the Bellagio . That one was reallyyy awesome. KA at MGM was pretty awesome too.

and as for Buffets, Wynn hands down wins it! they have soooo many varieties of food and they even have sugar free deserts!

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