Guy Crush of the Moment- Michael Cera!

The Ultimate Indie Geek ❤

Wow its been a while since i last did a Guy Crush post. Just caught Youth in Revolt with amm ! Awesome X3 show! Was laughing throughout the whole movie. ❤ the animated parts and Micheal Cera was a total dumb-bad ass in the movie still kinda sweet tho.

He’s famous for playing  nerdy, blur and awkward characters who’s fking weirdly romantic. Fell in ❤ with him after watching Nick and Nora’s infinite Playlist he was V cute in that movie and hoodie 🙂

Other MC movies i ❤ are Superbad ( the one with McLovin 😉 ) and Juno, Year One wasn’t really good.

credits to

I always thought he had the same dreammy- puppy dog eyes as Rafael Nadal (the mega hot tennis player & my fav athlete). They kinda have the same kinda look haha funny enuf they’re both gemini men.

❤ Nadal ! His pre-serve wedgie bits crack me up all the time!

Can’t wait to catch MC new movie…

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