What girl doesn’t like to indulge in some chick flicks once in a while .. for those,like me, who are tooo lazy to read some chick lit,  i’ve listed out some chick flicks to watch. So rent out some dvds and get your girlfriends over for a chick flick night!

My 2 fav chick flick- romantic-com actress has got to be Sandra Bullock and JLO.

TOP Sandra Bullocks romcom flicks:

1.2 weeks notice

2. Miss Congeniality

3.The Proposal

4. All About Steve

5. The Lake House (very sweet not a comedy tho)

❤ JLO movies: The wedding planner with Matthew Mc was awesome, Maid in Manhattan, Monster-in-law and Selena was just clllassic!

Just watched her new flick the back up plan, not bad… give it 4/5.  it sure beats Jennifer aniston’s new movie the bounty hunter, which was a TOTAL bore.

Other chick flick movies to check out:

1. Katherine Heigl- 27 dresses ,the Ugly Truth, Knocked up

2. Drew Barrymore- 50 first dates, Never Been Kissed, Music and Lyrics, The Wedding Singer

3. Julia Roberts- Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, My Bestfriend’s wedding, Runaway Bride, America’s Sweethearts

4. Meg Ryan- When Harry Met Sally, You’ve got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, The Women, Kate & Leopard

5. Matthew McConaughey- How to lose a guy in 10 Days, Ghosts of Girlfriends past, Failure to Lanch

6. Patrick Demsey- Made of Honor, Enchanted

7. Gerald Butler- The ugly truth,  PS  I love You

8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt-  10 things i Hate about you (CLASSIC)! , 500 days of summer

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