Shop Shop Shop!

Many people have asked me where i get my clothes from, so today i’ll blog bout my fav places to shop! I’m a total thrift shopper who occasionally splurges on high street pieces.

Places to thrift and bargain shop:

1. Salvation Army and goodwill stores: Get ready to do LOOOOOTS of diggin! But i’m sure you’ll get to find some treasures like vintage and one of a kind stuff. For me it’s worth all that digging cause i know that i’ll be the only one wearing it. I hate it when something gets TOO trendy and everyone starts to wear the same thing.

I especially love the Goodwill stores in America, they have such a wide selection, its like 10 times bigger than Singapore’s salvation army thrift stores.

2. Thailand: Platinum mall has all the reallly cheap and trendy pieces but quality wise, not so good. It’ll be great to go to Bangkok with 2 or more friends cuz it’ll be a much better deal buying 3 or more pieces at 1 shop.

3. Japan: My favooourite place to shop!! There are many vintage stores all around tokyo, they are not very cheap but it is worth investing in classic and one of a kind pieces. You can find some vintage shops in Harajuku Street. For cheap shopping, look out for tokyo flea markets where you can find second hand clothes and bags at really cheap prices. I went to the Shinagawa Inter City Flea Market the last time i was there and you can find stuff for as low as $5! Other Flea Markets in Tokyo: . Osaka has great shopping too, you can shop at Shinsaibashi for cosmetics, shoes and trendy clothes and then head to Amerika-mura or “American Village” for some street shopping.

4. Hong Kong: A greaaat place to shop is Ladies Market and argyle centre just down the street from Ladies Market. Argyle centre has about 5 floors of major shopping, you can just about find all sorts of styles in that mall.

5. Singapore: Besides popular places like Orchard, Far East and Bugis, I mostly shop at thrifts stores in Catholic Churches. I totally love the idea of a win-win situation, where i buy something i like and at the same time contribute to charity… ❤ that! AND you’ll never know what you’ll find, some stuff in these thrift stores can really surprise you. I actually found an awesome Bebe Blazer for only $10!

6. London: Its been 5 years since i last went to London. What i remembered was London’s High street end of season sale is soooooo bloooddyy awesome! Their prices can go down to 3 pounds. My fav shops are Topshop, H&M, Primark(WHY AREN’T THEY IN SINGAPORE!?!, its sooo cheap!) and River Island. Their summer sales usually start mid-june and july.

I Can’t wait to do my shopping in H&m. Thank you H&M for pickin my look!<3

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