Can’t stop listening to…

the video..

There’s just somethin bout crazy male duos.

wore this dress to Cat Power’s concert… I ❤ the colour of this dress and i’m so diggin knitted stuff right now… so Vintage! I never really like stuff from Forever 21 but this piece really had a “60s” feel to it 🙂 I already miss goin to concerts. The last couple of concerts i went for was cat power and the ammmmmaaazing Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Karen O was fkkkkin Awesome!!! Annnnnddd i sooooo wanna go for this year’s Coachella!!! DID u see the damn lineup!!! SHE&HIM!! RA RA RIOT!!!MGMT!!! MATT&KIM!!! i’ll just go on and on… WHY AM I STUCK IN FKIN SINGAPORE!! Someone get me outta here!!! Can’t wait for graduation.. 2 more weeks! YEAHH! Then… we’ll see where life takes me.

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