Woooohooo me got a new cam :)!!!!!

❤ G11!

a few shots…

CAN’T wait to use it tmr in botanic gardens with the girls! AND phuket for XMAS! DAmnnnn all my internship $ is gone 😦


Stumbled upon an awesome song today at work 

Talkin bout work i can’t wait for CNP’s xmas party next week cuz its theme is CASINO!!!

Today i designed rectangle shaped casino “chips” (easier to cut) for the event…


Lotsa Cutting to do! I’m so fucking DUMB! i accidently cut off my earpiece while cutting this…. DAMN! Now i can only use the left side! Was really scared i’ll cut of my finger or hair haha. So far internship’s goin pretty well , nice peps , hope it don’t get stresser.

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