My Week at HK and Macau

I ❤ HK AND MACAU! HK for the shopping and Macau for the gambling and it’s freakin close to zhu hai where awesome-ass shoes and bags can be found. The biggest highlight of the trip was that i got to visit a non-profit day care centre for underprivileged kids in Macau. Are you ready for ultra-mega cuteness…. The quality of the pics sucks tho, took it wit my iphone… I NEED A CAM!

There were like 50 lil kids in the centre

How cute!

I just wanna pinch there cheeks X-)!


Wait more awwwwwwwww pics comin..

My mom and a sister


My cousin kissin a handsome lil boy..

Looks like he wants somemore..

I saved the best for last…. 

These 2 boys are my freakin fav:

Lil Mr Cool Guy and Lil Mr Cheeky


Tell you, this lil man has the cool shit bout him, he sits at the corner while everyone is running arnd playing with balls. I think he’s gonna be a heart-breaker next time.

Now this guy is the kacutest! My rents reallly loved him too! if he were an orphan we’ll totally adopt him haha

so sad we dun even know his name we only know him as the yellow jumpsuit guy, anyway their names are in cantonese, wouldn’t even remember it if they told me.

Soooo cutteee, he even ask me dad to carry him, 1st time for my dad man… kids usually run away from him

This girl is freakkkkin cool two, she just have this ‘somthin’ bout her like some jap anime person

Its reallly sad, the sisters told us that we were the very first visitors ever! Thats why the kids were sooooo eggcited to see us. The next time i go to macau i’m soo gonna spend at least a day in there, theyyyy r sooo cute! Whoever’s goin to macau pls stop by this place ( i gotta find out the add from my aunt), and bring along some toys or sweets for them too, it’ll reallly make their day!

I’ll be waiting for ya…

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