Standing out from Social Media Noise

As more and more online marketers are using social media as a mean of getting traffic into their blog or website, it is extremely crucial for one to stand out from the social media crowd. In the social media environment you want to be noticed and you got to have a social media strategy to help guide you to focus on getting noticed in the social media world. 

The Social Media Stand-out Strategy 

1. Understand your target audience, know what they want to know. Research on what sites they usually visit and review the content of these sites. Then make sure that  you are creating compelling content for your target audience, and the content will also have to be different from the other sites they usually visit, they don’t want to read the same thing again. 

2. Be resourceful and not self-promotional, to be a true market leader in your niche, you want to be known for creating up to date information and for being a reliable source of information. Break news, share blog posts you’re reading, retweet or share updates from other Market Leaders in your space and mix in your own updates as well. Ultimately,  you want to be considered a valuable resource and not self-promotional. 

3. Reach out and connect with your target audience, search for bloggers in your community and interact with them by commenting on their posts. Follow other twitter users who have similar interest as you then make sure you are posting links to your social media content in twitter. Most importantly check your social media tools like twitter and facebook regularly and focus in on replies and mentions. If you ignore these replies and mentions, you will eventually be ignored in the social media world.

4. Let your readers do the promotion by allowing them to embed or link  your photos, videos, and blog posts from social networking sites like Facebook. This create buzz to your site and allows for exponential increases in views. Furthermore, encourage sharing with widgets that can be added to a blog like “Share This” ,“Add This.” , Stumble, Digg, Tweet, bookmark your page, or share your content on Facebook.

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