A Place for Fashion <3ers in the Social Media World

Want to be a Karl? Want to be a Kate Moss? or Want to be a Nigel Barker? The people of BALLSMEDIA who used to work at agency-side consulting multinationals like Unilever, PepsiCo, KLM, has came up with a site for fashion <3ers to showcase themselves. This new social media site is going to be the next big thing in fashion. What is it?

Its ….

Sounds Eggggxiting X)))))!

Finally a place for ordinary fashionistas and fashion lovers to break into the fashion industry. This will further initiate the inversion of the classic hierarchy of top designers setting trends which filter down into the high street. Street fashioistas are starting to set the trends. Street stylin is in right now with top street fashion sites like Lookbook.nu, Facehunter and The Sartorialist, giving fashion inspiration to many others worldwide.

Personally I am attracted to the unique and original, I get turned off when I see people wearing the same kinda thing, with the social media and new fashion sites it gives more inspiration to people to experiment with different styles and showcase their individual personalities.

JustProud allows members to communicate and interact with one-another and encourages participation from its members. Members contribute their opinions, knowledge & talents from the start, through the design, modeling and photography stages to the end product: selling their clothes and accessories. Ultimately, JUSTPROUD members themselves will be the designers, models & photographers.

JustProud Social media foundations
The familiar social media principles remain the same. Anyone interested in the fashion industry can become a founding member for free, invite their friends and network. If you want to be actively involved in the design, modeling or photography stages you can also upload portfolios of your work. All members are invited to make the important decisions. Members can promote their choices and get as many votes as possible; the most popular designs will be produced and the most popular models and photographers will be signed to the ad campaigns. Their clothes and accessories will also be sold through members.

Seriously I can’t wait to graduate from Poly and Uni and freakkkkkinn start my own biz…. its gonna be a veryyyy competitive world out there in the fashion industry. I guess the only trick to survive is to stand out , be original and ultimately be unique.

For more information visit the site http://justproud.com/en/

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