The Relationship between Fashion Brands & Social Media

First, an introduction to the Social Media Revolution

Social Media is going to dominate the future, learning from my NCT lessons, the future of advertising, PR, Books,Music and ….Basically EVERYTHING is leaning towards using social media. If you are not in it, you are simply out of this world. Social Media is rewriting the rules for fashion brands, most fashion houses are going social media and are using SM sites like Twitter and Facebook. They are making a point that such channels are radically changing the way fashion brands engage with their customers and prospects online.

SM is an effective marketing tool for fashion brands, it gives brands great exposure and great opportunity to reach out to their TA. Best thing about it, it’s the free advertising and publicity and most importantly the virality that comes with it. What is Virality: The act of content on the web being spread by users sharing it, bringing new users to the original content and therefore adding additional utility.

“Customers can feel like they are part of the brand’s extended family, and therefore the brand itself, while the interactive element further deepens that relationship,” said Alex Bolen, chief executive officer of Oscar de la Renta. “These characteristics address and satisfy that ‘tribal’ part of the fashion consumer — the way in which people identify themselves by the brands they buy.”

A key component of social media “is real-time feedback — an ability to accurately measure marketing results,” Bolen said. “While this aspect of the Internet’s promise has yet to be fully realized, one can adjust, fairly quickly, to emphasize those initiatives that are working best.”

Brands can further expose and engaged their audience through updating their twitter on what inspires them or what they are currently doing and also posting fashion shows and behind the scenes videos on youtube . After all that they get feedback from their audience, listen to them and interact with them. This way the audience will feel like they “made” the brand and they will feel like they are a part of it. It’s not about you anymore, its about them.

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