My Weekend in KL

Part I

MIFA Fashion Show at the Pavilion 



The whole set up was reallly cool and the runway was lllllooonngg.

These are some of my fav looks…


this designer is really clever, this mod holds the piece of the garment like a holla-hoop, then…


lets it go and reveals wowness!


another mod who did the same thing, so in ❤ with the ice-queen look.

Some studs for your viewing pleasure…


free Chippendales show haha kidding


Menswear 2020, so futuristic 


this guy was really popular with the crowd. ❤ the cardi! 


Saw this guy wearing 6 inch stilettos heels haha


Credits: and melvinfoo1


Part II

Managed pulling off as a 21 yr old on my first day in Genting Casino but failed on my last day so i spent the whole day watching 80s movies like The Wedding Singer which was set in the 80s anndd….

One show i recommend all retro teen flick buffs to watch is

Pretty in Pink  


A total chick flick. Remember the blazer trend? Molly Ringwald was their inspiration. 



Gotta Love the 80's

raspberry beret

Andie choose Duckie! : )

Funny thing about the movie is Jon Cryer and James Spader’s characters are very similar to the characters they play today.

Jon Cryer played Duckie, a goofy good-hearted geek who was madly in love with Andie (Molly) but Andie only sees him as a friend. And now he plays the goofy uptight geeky brother of Charlie Sheen in 2 and a half men. [ 1 of my fav shows]


Dressin like Duckie


And James Spader played Steff in Pretty in Pink, a total Mr Cool 2 cool for school guy who is a complete jerk who psychoed the leading man Blane out off dating Andie just becuz he couldn’t get her himself. Now he plays a really cool lawyer who is less of a jerk but still sorta a jerk in Boston Legal. Absolutely ❤ the chemistry between him and William Shatner.


 Damn I gotta watch more of BL to get some fashion inspiration from them haha cuz i’ll be interning at a law firm this december. 😦 i hate corporate wear!

Photo 51

You can watch pretty in pink in youtube

one of my fav scenes:

I ❤ the charcter Iona played by Annie Potts, her style is awesooomme in the movie. I ❤ her makeup in this scene, shes the woman in black. 



HAHA even a JoBro is copying her style.


so Audrey Hepburn ❤

Credits to all pic owners

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