Guy Crush of the moment- Jackson Rathbone!



When everybody’s gushing over Rpatt, I’m totally gushing over this guy!  He’s bloody ass cute !

Btw i’m not a huge twilight fan, i seriously do not GET IT. 

Jackson plays a very small role in Twilight, which is Jasper. 

❤ his total rockstar vibe with a goofy side!

Just watch this video.

As you know, he’s in a rock band called 100 monkeys. (<3 the name haha monkeys)


I found that this guy was at downtown Vancouver the very same time i was there! 

DAMN, why didn’t i see him! That would be soooo freakin awesome!



Ahhhh the cheeky smile, pure hotness.


even with glasses and beard, he’s still hot.

❤ his style! its like rock+geek+ chic!



Found an anti smoking ad he did in his earlier days. The video’s kinda retarded but he’s sooooo cute in it!

Pic Credit: and punkd

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