Bling Bling Bling!



Disco Revival is here! Its all about mixing the old with the new and to not look like a halloween disco get-up. 

For my first ever halloween, i decided to make use of an awesoommme vintage top i bought in Japan.



I’ll have another post up soon, allllll about WHERE to Shop in Japan! 

I’m like a fashion Chameleon, I love all sorts of styles from rock to boho, sooo expect me to blog about any style of fashion that i’m diggin at the moment. Just never expect to me to blog about the SLOPPY Singaporean style. NAhver! 




❤ the boho and mod mix!

Match any sequin jacket with a simple cotton tank and you’ll be completely “Boomz” :p

For those foreigners who don’t know what boomz is watch this….

annnd i will never ever ever blog about Ris Low’s kinda fashion style! I absolutely do not encourage anyone to dress like her, only if u r a stripper or hooker or slut, then go ahead.

My next fashion blog post will be about how to really wear ‘Zip-Bra and Lap-pard prings’ without looking like a trashbag. 

Okay back to sequins!

Mixing 2 or 3 colours won’t make you look like a shiny rainbow and a total sequin overboard…

Alexa Chung in black & red combo


Balmian, Gold and Silver. Divalicious

Fashion Show

Glam Punk: Black and silver


Funky mod : Pastel purple & pink sequins


Love her Jacket!


For more information about Sequin fashion trends..

Credits to all pic owners + sharon for the pic!

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